About MVTU

The Mascoma Valley Taxpayers Union (MVTU) is an organization set up by concerned citizens of the Mascoma Valley region of the State of New Hampshire, in response to the ever-growing size of our local, school, and county budgets—and our ever-increasing property tax bills that result from this.

Our mission is to—

  • Oppose spending and tax increases in the Mascoma Valley,
  • Inform residents about anything that will result in higher taxes, and
  • Educate other concerned citizens on how to effectively fight these increases.


MVTU is a political action committee (PAC) registered with the N.H. Secretary of State. Donations are not tax-deductible. This website and all of MVTU’s activities are entirely supported and paid for by volunteers. Our Treasurer is Jeremy J. Olson.

In 2012, MVTU was an unincorporated association as defined in N.H. RSA 292.