“The Most Astounding Absurdity…”

Over the past two weeks, we received several missives about our school flyer. There was an approximately equal balance between people thanking us for our efforts and people criticizing us. Below is one of the best letters we received, so we decided to publish it in full here on the site.

Thank you for your efforts to inform us taxpayers about the Mascoma Valley Educators insane efforts to squeeze more money out of the community while facing lower enrollments each year and lower student performance. I see 7–8 school buses driving by every day with less then fifteen children on them in most cases. I find it hard to believe that there are so many kids continually sick or on vacation.

It is about time the educational system is finally challenged to make sense. Of all the challenges we face, the educational system should not be the most demanding. You would think that a system whose purpose is to impart information would be so lacking in ability to keep current with its vision. It apparently has very little vision for the future except more and more demands on the taxpayers.

The most astounding absurdity was to read that they wanted money to enlarge the parking area. Now that is truly flying in the face of the current issues we face as a nation. Absolutely insane.

I sincerely hope the article is defeated and that we can slam the door on the treachery and extortion for the teachers are simply thugs with a certificate to steal from the community and manipulate the students into believing that more money from their parents is the answer. Not only shameful, it is another window of opportunism that needs to be shut.

My slogan: It takes a school to bankrupt a community.

Yours truly,
Alex Barnham